Yes, I’m still Alive

Posted in runescape on June 8, 2008 by vampirelo609

Runescape saw a lot of updates but my hectic life helped to pass the time. I’m back though and with a little posting about everyone’s new favorite feature….. quick chat! My good friend and skill clan leader Moosetafa02 has this to say about quick chat.

-easier to speak to people (once you get the hang of it)
-takes a long time to get the hang of it
-limited options
-muted players are allowed to speak in a limited manner (pro)
-muted players are allowed to speak in a limited manner (con)
-players may be less scared of being muted, and hence less scared of breaking the rules… hence breaking the rules more
-muting isn’t as much of a punishment anymore

He also said to me that free chat may be removed. While some may say its crazy I agree with him. My proof… the new quick chat only worlds. They only allow quick chat obviously but this kind of reminds me of what game companies do…we call them open betas. They may track the traffic of these new worlds and see of they are truly used to a popular extent.

With this muted players can now talk with restraints. This is good news but the question is why was the person muted in the first place? Well I hate to say it but it is really easy to abuse the quick chat system. I was able to pm spam my friend 20 messages in about 1 minute and a half with my rapid clicking skills only given by bowstringng. So… muted players can still annoy us. Yay.

Question is though what will Jagex do in the future? We have seen them make things easier and we have seen them serve people in the past so what new things will they cook up? We have seen them create fast trade when they took away free trade so what is to stop them from taking away speech or even add an xp cap where you can only get certain xp a day. Do I smell more anti skilling bot measures?

If Clarence Darrow was right when he said “History repeats itself. Thats one of the things wrong with history.” then we may be in trouble. Hopefully history will change but it does repeat… a very bad flaw.


Reflecting on the Week.

Posted in runescape on May 4, 2008 by vampirelo609

Well since there has been no update in runescape this week, I thought it may be good to go over some updates that I haven’t gone over yet and I will include the BTS for May.

The Legacy of Seergaze…… kind of disappointing and kind of not. I’ve always enjoyed the Myreque story lines and this one seems quite interesting especially since the Saradominists and Zamorakians are plotting with each other against the Guthixian Edicts. God Wars perhaps? That is merely speculation at this point however. Somehow this manages to connect with the Myreque and you manage to forge a weapon capable of killing the vyrewatch. Enough with the story and lets get to the good part: the rewards.

2000 Agility
4000 Crafting
3000 Magic
2000 Mining
2000 Slayer
Tome of Experience, 2nd Ed – 3 chapters of 2500 experience each
Blood talisman
Ivandis Flail
Access to the Blood Altar
Paterdomus Columbarium rewards
New ‘Vyrewatch’ event in Temple Trekking/Burgh de Rott Ramble
2 QP

Rewards are not so bad. QP’s get more time with Juna in the Tears of Guthix. The ability to craft blood runes is what I’ve (and a lot of others) have been waiting for. The XP is decent also.

Now for the month of May.

Not much to say. Mostly just game tweaks which may or may not be bad. The law tally is going to be given to anyone which I personally don’t mind (some runecrafters may disagree with me) but I find that the 20k xp from the xp lamps will help me more in runecrafting than more exclusivity in the ability to craft law runes.

There is also a low level mining quest being released this month. Hopefully a decent mining update but most likely it will fall a little short. Some graphical updates to cats, Party Pete, and the TzHaar. “That’s hot!” (sorry…. I just had to throw a little joke in there…. again I apologize for the random Paris Hilton joke). The TzHaar are getting a quest in addition to the graphical updates this month. Hopefully its not a story line quest because they should at least finish one story line before starting another but I digress.

Jagex is also releasing the quick chat option. This should make some things easier especially since the muted have the option. Hopefully an “I am permanently muted” and an “”I am temporarily muted” message will be added so the muted can at least express the fact that they are muted. Now for the last update this month….. improved level up messages. I have seen a lot of the forums about this so I suppose that it looks like Jagex does read the forums to some extent. I’d be curious to see if it gets grander the closer to 99 that you are with the 99 level up message being a huge fireworks display or something like that. Who knows?

EDIT: The staff is also adding a crush-x option. It is not surprising considering the fact they added an x option to almost everything else. It is beginning to make me think that they are trying to make the game any easier. Thanks to RS Investor for reminding me to add this in.

In non-runescape related blog news, I may soon be joining Blizzard’s MMO World of Warcraft. So if I do, I’ll not only cover RS on my blog but expand it a little more to cover WoW also. That way I cover both of the MMO’s I play.

I also added an About Me section. Visit it here

Jagex, Are You Kidding Me?

Posted in runescape on April 21, 2008 by vampirelo609

Okay, I’ll just clarify that yes, I do play runescpe. Yes I do enjoy it. I will also say I will never buy any merchandise from runescape. It’s nothing personal to Jagex but it’s as Brad said “It would be social suicide.” So, just for humor, I’ll go through the options and explain why it is bad.

Board games- I’ll play D&D if I want a board game or something…. sorry (I’ve never played D&D either)

Caps and Hats- No…. just no

Computer accessories (USB drives, mouse mats, etc)- No thank you… I don’t want a green dragon usb or a Bob mouse pad.

Game guides- Are you freaking kidding me? No offense but usually fan sites trump guides anyway. Plus with the changes constantly being made, I wouldn’t want to be buying a guide every week.

Hooded tops- Clothing = social suicide

Figurines or plushes- Yay… A kalphite plushie to call my own.

Key chains- I’ll put my house keys on a dragon key chain. That would make me look awesome.

Laptop bags- Why?

MP3s or ringtones- Who wants to hear game music off of their phone? If anything I would want an FF ringrtone…. not RS.

Novels- Don’t we already have a lores section on the site?

Phone wallpapers- Again, why would I advertise RS on my phone?

Posters- I’ll out a poster right next to my Metroid poster….. How about noooooo?

Real-world versions of holiday items (Snowglobe, etc)- Okay, this one might not be as bad. As long as they don’t release that cursed rubber chicken.

Rucksacks- I’ll carry my stuff in a runescape bag.Yeah right Jagex.

RuneScape card game- Yes! I just got my Holographic King Black Dragon… w00t.

Stickers- Just wow…. Does anyone over the age of 10 use stickers? Especially since its a 13+ game. Double standard Jagex?

T-shirts- Again, clothing = social suicide.

I hope you don’t feel offended. I just hate when companies keep trying to squeeze profit out of everything. I just hope that they focus on the game more than merchandise.

To Finish or not to Finish, That is the Question.

Posted in runescape on April 18, 2008 by vampirelo609

As I sit here in my law class with some free time, I might as well write about Jagex and their inability to finish things. (Ironically, I didn’t finish it in class, I finished it later in the evening at home). Many quests have unfinished storylines but I’m referring to skills.

The skill in particular…….. runecrafting. This one is close to me. For one, we have two types of runes that are not craftable, blood and soul runes in particular. If the runes have a rift in the abyss then Jagex should easily have a reason to actually make the useless rifts useful.

The next skill is prayer. I have spent time talking with my friend Matt (Sir Bongoman) and he agrees that mage and range should have a piety level prayer. That way, some balance is restored to prayer (Guthix would be proud).

The next idea Matt told me but he is not the first to suggest it. That is none other than the *plays trumpet music* dragon pickaxe! If woodcutting, another resource gathering skill, has a dragon level tool, it would seem only fair that mining gets its chance to shine. Unfortunately, Jagex seems to almost completely abandoned the skill (I don’t really like it but Matt is a miner so he has a stronger opinion.) I’m sure he’ll comment with something to add.

Anyway, thats it for today. Hope you enjoyed the little addition. If you have anything you think Jagex should add to complete a skill, comment. I’m sure we would all love to hear your opinion (by the way, that is completely serious, it is not sarcastic anyway. I know, shocking for me.)

Two Updates for the Price of One?

Posted in runescape on April 16, 2008 by vampirelo609

Yesterday saw the release of two updates into runescape. One I was highly excited about and the other one……. let us just say that it could have been a little bit better.

The staff finally gave us the database. Finally, I will be able to check the price of my runes and see when I should sell them. They even a stock exchange style setup, meaning you not only see the visual trend via graph but you also see how the items raised or dropped with a percent. It is very user friendly but the only issue is that it is still in beta but I think it will move along well. It even displays when it is out of date so that it will not cause an error in anyone that wants to predict prices.

The second update is kind of disappointing in my opinion. While treasure trails are fun, adding 50 new clues but adding rewards that are purely aesthetic and offer no bonuses in the ways of combat. If you add something like that, please give us some decently high level item (the black crossbow does not count by the way).

Overall, the updates are good. The GE update is particularly helpful in making purchasing choices while the treasure trails don’t offer anything too spectacular, they fo add new items to the market. Next week…… hopefully our new quest. Stay tuned for a review of it.

Vive la Resistance

Posted in video games on April 13, 2008 by vampirelo609

Some people might remember that during one episode of the RSBANDB update I asked Shane and Brad what they thought of EA charging money for additional weapons. Let me give you some history behind it.

Awhile back, Lono of Sarcastic Gamer wrote an article about the charging on additional DLC in the form of guns. Everyone on the site joined together to boycott Battlefield: Bad Company. Soon, Lono’s article hit over 350 comments with support and 400+ diggs. With a torrent of emails. Soon Jim Sterling of Destructoid picked up the article. That was Monday…… now on Saturday EA released a statement saying that they will not charge for these guns.

What did this show us? Simple, it showed how smaller blogs such as Sarcastic Gamer can make a difference in the gaming market. It also shows how something that is not right, with the right motivation, everyone can make a difference if you believe something enough.

Vive la resistance…. long live the resistance.

The Fist…… Fails?

Posted in runescape on April 9, 2008 by vampirelo609

Of course I’m referring to the new pvp game Fist of Guthix (when I hear this I hear a quote from Rush’s song “The Weapon”. “An iron fist in a velvet glove that don’t see what we’re made of.” …..sorry) You play as two roles per match. The first role is the hunted. In this role you, run around like a fool, collecting energy with your stone as you avoid and outsmart the hunter. The hunter has to find and kill the hunted. Both people then switch the roles and complete the match. The winner is the one who collected the most energy. You get rank and more importantly tokens that you can exchange for fabulous prizes.

…. The problem is that the prizes aren’t that fabulous or that the game is not all that fun at times.

Every reward item does degrade. The runecraft gloves and slayer gloves will dissolve and I’m still not sure about the shields (comment if you know what happens. I’ll edit and give you credit.) The robes, however, can be recharged with more tokens. Maybe it is just me because I did max out my mage but the benefits of these “robes” just doesn’t outweigh the vastly superior bonus I can enjoy with my Ahrims.

Now for the game itself. If you lag, don’t even try to play it. It will be hard to avoid the hunter or catcha nd eliminate your helpless prey. The biggest problem for me is that when the people are in the center, it is hard for you to see your target and his/her health. This makes it hard to see if they are healer or just impossible to hit them. It is just frustrating….

Oh well…. “Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose”….. or in English “The more things change, the more they stay the same”